If you are looking for a great night’s sleep then you will want to consider investing in a Silhouette Memory Foam Mattress. Based in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, Silhouette is the UK’s biggest mattress manufacturer, which proudly claims to be a world leader in the production of memory foam mattresses. The manufacture is well known for its popular branded foam mattresses, which continue to receive rave reviews and high industry awards. You are certain to feel a great deal of comfort and support while sleeping on a Silhouette Memory Foam Mattress, and if that isn’t enough, you can also expect superior levels of support and durability as well.

To help you decide which mattress is right for you, it is important to understand just what these special mattresses are made of. This way you can determine just how comfortable they are. They are generally made from premium ecomemory fibres which give them a unique surface texture and weight, as well as superior comfort. Many people find that by using a high quality Silhouette silentnight memory foam mattress that their tossing and turning issues are reduced significantly. These mattresses are designed for individuals who suffer from back pain and other body aches and pains.

For those looking for exceptional comfort and support when sleeping, nothing delivers this level of comfort quite like a silentnight memory foam mattress. Many individuals find that the springiness and softness of this material help to reduce pressure points and thus makes for a more restful sleep. When tossing and turning, you aren’t allowing your body to fully flex and conform to the mattress, so a good night’s sleep is much easier to obtain. If you suffer from any of the aches and pains, you will appreciate the additional support the memory mattress provides.

One of the best features about the silentnight memory foam mattress is that these particular mattresses use the latest visco elastic foam technology. There is a built in air pocket in the middle of each of the layers. The thickness of this air pocket allows for air to flow freely throughout the mattress. As a result, the mattress provides exceptional support and comfort.

Many consumers feel that the queen size Silentnight memory foam mattresses provide an unparalleled amount of comfort. The mattresses tend to be a little bit larger than the standard king size models. The comfort levels experienced by many consumers remain to be among the best available on the market. Some consumers also report having neck and back problems, which are eliminated by the excellent support provided by these mattresses.

The memory foams used to make these mattress sizes are made of a unique material called Visco Gel. The foam is measured by density in order to properly determine the level of comfort provided by the mattress. The highest rating of comfort comes from those mattresses which are considered to be of the most dense. The average density of these mattresses is approximately four pounds per cubic inch.

The Visco Gel is primarily responsible for creating the exceptional levels of comfort that this type of mattress provides. The ecomemory fibres found in the foam allow for air to circulate without any of the seams coming open. Due to the lack of any seams, it allows for superior air flow along with superior comfort levels. The other main contributing factor behind the comfort level of these products is that there is no such thing as sag or bounce. These mattresses provide a perfect balance of bounce and durability that is unmatched by any other brand.

One of the most unique attributes of this particular memory foam is that it is not composed of any form of heat transfer. Because of this, there is no hot spot or areas of coldness that will be created due to the body heat of the user. This unique characteristic allows the mattress to repel all sorts of common problems that occur with traditional foam mattresses. Most people who suffer from extreme body heat will find this to be a welcome change, especially if they have spent many years suffering from back problems.